Milan. Stop thinking “fashion” – think “beer”. When three friends started taking on a little pub in the Lambrate district of Milan and added a small brewing facility, few would have expected this place to become a hub of Italy’s micro-brewery movement.

Since 1996, two more friends joined the circle of “business partners”, which unchanged by the success of their beers still live the spirit of this worker’s district. Quite to the contrary of the stereotype attached to their home town, Alessandra, Fabio, Paolo, Davide and Giampaolo managed to create a meeting point for beer-lovers, no matter what brand-name their jeans or shoes show.
With a rare spirit of imagination, invention and perfection of new beer recipes, the revolution is spreading quickly within and beyond the Lambrate district frontiers. While a second gastro-brew-pub has been opened recently within the Lambrate district, an increasing number of national and international prizes have been awarded to the beers with the quirky labels.

On that note: Yes, Lambrate labels are indeed cut by hand – and with much dedication – from Signor Vice, a courtyard neighbour and special member of the Lambrate family.

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