Hey Storyhunters,
We created our “Behind the News” assignment to show the deeper meanings and hidden angles of world events. Was there a major news story in your area? If so, who or what got left out of the coverage? Did the mainstream media miss an important angle? Maybe you want to follow around a journalist on an interesting beat? We are looking for visually dynamic, engaging stories that go behind the news to show a deeper, overlooked aspect of a breaking news story. Introduce us to an important character who shaped the story but nobody knows about. Take us to a place news cameras have never been to, that was deeply affected by the event. It is especially important that you do your homework on this assignment by checking all the coverage to make sure your story is unique.

So if there’s breaking news event in your country, go behind the headlines. Let’s surprise the world with a completely unique take on a big news event.

Some examples:

vimeo.com/45079575 (The Voices Behind the #YoSoy132 Movement in Mexico)

vimeo.com/45093744 (The Tweet that Ignited the Mexican Spring)

vimeo.com/45528446 (A Day in the Life of a Syrian Citizen Journalist)

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