If the plug (penis) is not meant for the outlet (vagina), then why don't you disconnect your computer?
You can recognize design in one case, but not in the other which is even more wonderfully designed?
I am not saying that only the missionary position is right, but that the penis-vagina complementary connection shows that heterosexuality is objectively what our bodies are for sexually. All homosexuals, unless they are born with an UNDESIRABLE mutation, are born male or female. In either case, they have the gear for -not the same gender- but the OPPOSITE gender. Plug with outlet. An electrical plug can fit in a man's or an animal's anus, but it is not made for it. Likewise the penis. This is objective fact and science. Homosexuals choose to entertain their perverse thoughts not during infancy, but long after they are born heterosexual. They thus choose to contradict their heterosexual bodies. And the mind is shaped by our choices, despite influences of the environment which by the way we often choose for ourselves.

In response to the first atheist: I don't go to church. You don't know Jesus, but only misrepresentations of him. I am neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant, so the whole "Crusades," "Inquisition," and "religious wars" (such as Zionist ones today) thing, do not apply to a true Christian like me. I am a true free thinker, for I question all. I rejected traditions such as christmas, easter, halloween, Masonic/satanic wedding elements, voting for high-ranking puppets, et cetera because of some research I did voluntarily in my search for truth. Last thing: I cannot be self-righteous since I readily admit that I deserve hell.

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