While touring Quebec for a RoadRUNNER story, I stumbled upon a music festival in the little town of Tadoussac. It was a pretty big deal, with people wandering all over the place to different venues. Out by the scenic bay a group of street musicians were playing. People gathered round to tap their toes, take some photos, and dance.

I took a number of stills with the Pentax K-01, and then shot some video. The light was low (ISO3200) and getting lower every minute. I gave up on AF early, and switched to MF with focus peaking for still. For video, it was hand-holding and manual focus all the way. I ended the evening shooting ISO25600.

This video is straight out of the camera. ISO3200, 1080P24 IIRC. Stills from the trip, including shots of the musicians, can be found here: flickr.com/photos/johnmflores/sets/72157630222764018/detail/

If anyone knows these musicians (at least one, the guitarist, is out of Montreal and the singer is from New Orleans), please let them know that I made this video.

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