This is the Dharma talk of Thay offered on Thursday, July 19, 2012 in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village during the second week of the Summer Opening Retreat.

00:00 Title Screen
02:00 Monastics Chanting: De la vison profonde, Bon Phep Tuy Niem
19:15 Three Bells
22:20 Introduction
25:30 Meditation on a Plant of Corn
42:30 Mindful Movements
50:00 Three questions from Express Magazine
54:00 Seeing happiness in suffering and vice versa
55:50 The mind brings both happiness and suffering
57:30 The energy Mindfulness (smrti)
01:08:00 Transforming neutral feelings
01:14:00 Review: the first eight exercises of mindful breathing
01:32:45 Ninth exercise: awareness of the mind
01:37:00 Tenth exercise: gladdening the mind
01:39:25 Eleventh exercise: concentrating the mind, Twelfth exercise: liberating the mind
01:41:00 The three concentrations
01:41:39 The first concentration: Emptiness
01:49:30 No birth and no death
01:57:28 The second concentration: Signlessness
02:00:52 The third concentration: Aimlessness
02:05:00 We are waves
02:09:55 The three doors of liberation

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