This is my 2012 generalist reel, showing some of many working that I had participating during my time at Plano Z Studio, two freelance works, one done for BlackhouseFX and another one done for Beeld.motion. And a personal project, the Wall-E Model that I done to practice some of my skills.

I would like to thank every professional that I had the opportunity to work with during these years. Especially my former co-workers from Plano Z.

Hope to soon be able to make a Rigging Reel showing some viewport things and my Rigging Tool.



00:09 - OGX Waimea : Ship Hull modeling and UV mapping, 1/3 of containers modeling and final modeling organization.

00:24 - Global Warming : Bugs Body and Facial Rig (inclusive facial shapes modeling), and take 02 animation.

00:33 - A Grande Família : Nine characters rig trough a rigging tool created specifically for the opening. Final characters scene setup including creation of proxy meshs for animation process speedup.

00:58 - Embraer : Planes UV mapping, scene setup, cameras and planes animation.

01:07 - FM O Dia : Scene setup, elements rig, creation of "rig path" script, a script to automate trails animation, and video animation.

01:25 - Natal Plano Z : Character Modeling, texturing and rig. Texture rig done for animating facial expression trough material rig.

01:40 - MPX Colombia : Main machines modeling, rig and setup.

01:52 - Wall-E Project : Character study project for modeling, rig and programming. More about this project can be seen in my site.

Music : Action/Adventure - Andrew Bird

Softwares Used : Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk 3DMax, Zbrush, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, UVLayout and many others.

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