Nosy Be, north Madagascar, is a door to paradise or hell. on one hand, the nature, on the other hand the man. it's a strange postcolonization format, the one that’s developing in this part of the world. tourism, prostitutes, mestizos, holiday resorts, wealth and poverty. That’s why we ask ourselves: what can we teach really when we go around visiting developing countries? and what can we learn? is it really possible an interchange? corruption, money, tourism, prostitution, work, entertainment, life, progress and power play again their ancient battle in the madagascar's virgin land. so, if the game is always the same, why do we have to pay our attention to it? maybe because, for once, we can do something to modify the score of a not yet ended match (unfinished match?)

I chose to keep a subtitle in uncorrect English, similar to Italian original. To facilitate understanding, I've posted here a proper English version of their speech


They go there looking
for a better future
they've never thought they like to be a whore
you don't really want to understand what the Malagasy situation is like
you think the Malagasy girl screws with the “vasaha” (foreigner) just for the money, no
she goes with the vasaha ‘cause she knows the following day she will have the money to buy coal, rice, soap to wash her clothes, food, and if he’s generous she can buy a new dress and stuff like that when a girl does this job for two or three years, you know what happens when she argues with someone? They tell her you are unlucky: all these years doing this job and you're still here ... do you understand what they say?
they don't want to be there just to be prostitutes, of course it can happen, but they're waiting for someone old or young.
before I met an Italian, I only had sex with the guys I liked
I tell you something: young men, 25-30 years old, come here to have fun that’s for sure
and then you get the old ones that go crazy for young girls with big tits, they come here just for that
but if a guy is looking for love, you can tell, cause after a few days he asks you where you live, where's your mum, how do you live, what about you, how many kids do you have, do you live with them, do you live with your mum or alone, or what?
take me to your place, and he doesn’t care if you live in a small hut, he asks you take me to your home and he does anything to have a relationship
there are also young men who fall in love with Malagasy girls and take them to Italy
… regarding the mestizos there are two cases: the first one is girls that get pregnant on purpose. then there are men who just want to have the easy life: fuck and flee, they leave a pregnant girl and go away
they go away and they know the girls can't go after them. This is the case of vasa kids' that are abandoned
but there're also many Malagasy girls having kids without considering the responsibilities, they're happy to have a mestizo child, ‘cause he looks cute, and then they go on with their lives
….so, yesterday we talked about Malagasy salaries, you asked me why don't you work instead of looking for vasa, I tell you she gets 50 euros per month as a receptionist, if you go with a sailor working with Europeans you he earns 120 euros per month, with Malagasy 5 euros each time, not enough to live, you go out today and you get 5 euros (15.000 ariari). but if you work as a receptionist, some times you meet a man, an european that can ask you: are you married? do you live on your own? you got sons? if you do you say yes, if not, no. then he invites you for dinner and you think how is possible? I've never gone to Ambatoalaka to look for men, I'm here working and a vasa comes and he takes me out for dinner, you accept and go with him. In the morning he thanks you for all, he tells you've been very nice with me, here is a little present for you: and what is the present? Your monthly salary!. So… that’s how some girls start thinking that it's easier to go with a vasa than work hard for the entire month to get 50 euros. Maybe is for a week or two (sometimes it's for the entire life). But that’s what they feel. The cost of living here in Nosy Be, it's not cheap: things over here are not sold at Malagasy prices are sold at european prices: fish is 2 euros per kg, tomatoes 1 euro per kg, potatoes 1 euro for a kg…what can we do?. We are forced to live like europeans, but our salaries are less then 100 euros per month, european people living here don't want to understand this… the staple food for Malagasy is rice. a Malagasy family can eat up to 50 kg per month


one thing that upsets me, it's to see – sorry if I say this – a foreigner that comes here just to exploit the situation and get a young girl, this really hurts.
there are guys going around and sleep with a different girl every day, they flash their money on purpose just to get the girls go after them, maybe when they were young they didn't have time to enjoy life, they worked hard to have money, and now that they have money and time, they come here to exploit the situation


I don't like having arguments with my father, an argument can happen even if it's not good to argue, you need to do things well, I want things to go well, I wish I could do all these things well but I'm not good, he tells me I'm too young to understand this stuff, he asks me how do you say mrs in french, I answer him, but he tells me you don't know anything, so I understand his game, I understand that I don’t like him as a father
he wants to go off with some chick, doing his own things; he tells me I want to live my life, I don't like Martine, my wife, I live in a ugly house, my daughters can’t do anything, just because we do things he’s not used to and irritate him, things that don’t make sense to him, we can’t help it, we can’t help him living the way he lives in Italy, we tell him all the time he needs to stay in Italy, but then he comes back here and he can’t get used to this, we can’t do anything about it
it's the Malagasy mentality that should not accept other people taking advantage of our poverty. if a poor person works and uses his brain he can get something, at least respect
I try to do things well, but he says I don't, so he tells me I'm not able to do anything, and that I should go to Ambatoalaka to get a husband, but I'll never do that, I'm scared of men, I know I'll never do this maybe someone else can but I won’t! Never!

Very many thanks to Eugenia Congiu, that spent her time to edit subtitles and correct version

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