apologies for taking so long to post this but have been really busy (shooting with the Omni ;-)...I ended up with over 50 mins of material for part 2 and so I'm going to break it up into 4 segments...The OmniSlider has so many cool features that there's no way to cover it adequately in one 10 min segment.

So...Continuing on from where part 1 of the OmniSlider review left off let's look at some packing, travel and field set-up options first before we move on to the tips and tricks sections...

2a: Packing and travel options
2b: Shooting in the field: Recording and Intervolometer
2c: Shooting in the field: Dealing with bad weather and other location challenges
2d: Shooting in the field: Night shots and supplemental lighting

3: Multi-axis and the new keyframe-able interface (Evolution ;-)

Stay tuned...Thanks

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