Remaster edit of PULSE (2007) for projection inside Maziar Behrooz's RDMU. Screened as part of the Parrish Art Museum's 2012 "Road Show" (July 27, 2012) curated by Andrea Grover.

PULSE was originally a totally live, visually improvised series of performance pieces that I collaborated on with Alain Thibault (2006-2007 and roughly 7 or 8 performances around the world at various festivals). We made a linear version for TeZ's Optofonica Capsule, and was subsequently released on Richard Chartier's LINE DVD label.

GFX: Matthew Biederman
Audio: Alain Thibault

Original PULSE performance details:

RDMU details:

Optofonica Capsule:

Optofonica DVD:

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