Scott Blum has been on a tear redefining what freeriding is. Rather than the categorical pursuit of pow outside the realm of manmade terrain Scott's interpretation includes anything that he can glide his P-tex across albeit wood, crete, metal, park, pipe, pow and all surfaces in between. Scott does it all for inner satisfaction , not an incentive package. It is no wonder that Blum hopped the Pacific for a chance to pump around the Holy Bowly. As if this vid wasn't sick enough, turns out that Blum's Volcom teammate Seth Huot shot and edited this piece. Domo arigato Huot son.

Filmed by Seth Huot and Pat Fenelon
Edit by Seth Huot
Produced by BIlly Anderson and Ryan Boyes

Music by "Dbear" WINO Volcom Entertainment and "Yesterday" DARKHORSE SALOON

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