What is a city?

If it is not the bricks and pipes and roads that make up it's veins. Then what is it?
Is it the sum of its parts?
The roots that run deep and entwine?
So that as the same rain falls on us all, we are nourished?
And grow?
Grow to become a beacon, a landmark. Steadfast. 
Structured and engineered by the maker to become a City on a Hill.
BUT never because of a "me", always because of "we".
What is...beautiful?

It is personal and a name tag that fits anything in the eye of the beholder.
 It brings to mind nature - sunrises and the golden Sun through trees and tall grass.
Young couples in love and how the sunset kisses the neck of a loved one
But beauty is more than one dimensional. Beauty asks for a response. So we press in beyond the surface.
Beautiful is here and it is real. It is redemption and reconciliation.
It is marriages healed and relationships strengthened. 
It is finding meaning and truth in ashes and rubble.
It is spirits emboldened and hearts beating the stone away that once held them captive.
It is seeing all things made, beautiful in the King's time.
Why Church?

 A church is where the body joins.
It is a foundation to the great tradition of the person of Jesus Christ.
It is the bones and marrow.
The tissues and tendons that connect and allow us to move as one. 
The body is the church.
It is who WE are, not where are. 
As the church, we bring the Kingdom of God to earth through our every action and thought. 
Our identity has been sealed as children of the Most High, as the church we are beloved and set apart for service.
 We are City Beautiful Church.

Not because the name fits, but because we desire to be the City, Beautiful, Church. 
We desire to see the Kingdom of God at work in the kingdom of Orlando.
And so we move forward, with grace and hope and faith that we are called here.
And so we will be here.
As City Beautiful Church. 

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