All hunters remember their initiation into the brotherhood. It doesn't come when you buy a piece of gear or lease a property. It comes when you finally have your first encounter with the animal and you muster the mettle to make good on the situation. The ability to calm yourself from the moment you know its going to happen is an ability that comes natural to some. Others "like me" experience a battle of epic proportions inside their minds. I am one that has to take an active approach to calming myself so the shot can find its mark. Slowing a pounding heart, diluting my thoughts to the bare essential ones that are aimed at success, and stopping the spread of endorphins is not only a stressful experience but one that becomes addictive and keeps hunters coming back year after year. The bowhunters grind out long days on stand, the duckhunters wade through frozen water with numb fingers, and the bird hunters walk miles on end. Every type of hunting demands a sacrifice of some sort to get the opportunity to realize the success and feelings that brief moment can provide. It all comes back to choosing one thought over another. It's all on you, no one can help for the struggle exists in the most private of places, our minds. It's YOU vs. YOU

I want to thank the guys at Reality Driven Pursuits for letting me take this concept and run with it. It is for sure a departure from normal media in this industry and working with them was a true pleasure. The creative process on this was a long one from initial conception and they worked very hard alongside us. It was a great experience creating visually the way my imagination sees my thoughts. I see our minds as an endless sea of black with a light shining on the thought in our heads at that exact moment. Sometimes it is bright and a broad light shines on multiple thoughts at once but in a time of stress the light narrows to a very specific thought. It is that clarity that makes a stressful situation burn into our memories and be counted as one of the times in our lives that will never be forgotten.

See the behind the scenes here :

As usual I strongly encourage downloading the original 4K mov to see this piece if you have a fast computer.

Filmed on RED EPIC with canon glass
R3D edit in premiere, coloring in speedgrade

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