A promo for our indiegogo campaign to fundraise our short film Rapture Us. Rapture Us is about a young hardcore Christian named Toby who finds himself "left behind" after an event that supposedly made all the Christians disappear. Toby's crisis is further complicated when an undead person named Mac crawls out from under his bed and claims to know how he can get into heaven. According to Mac, Toby must break all of God's commandments if he wants to get God's attention. The film follows the two on their journey in discovering how to cope with this strange new world by trusting each other and living life to the fullest. Throughout the story we meet Toby's atheist sister Carmen who drinks herself oblivious through the event, Brother Curtis an evangelistic preacher who might not be everything he seems, Kirk a medieval sword wielding hitchhiker who thinks he has it all figured out, and plenty of more characters doing their damndest to live their lives in the face of the apocalypse. Can Toby after a life of morality actually commit adultery, steal, or murder? Who really is Mac and why is he trying to help Toby? What does the future hold for their small town? Our film tries to answer these questions in a unique one-of-a-kind genre busting cinematic short film that isn't "faith-based" but "story-based."

If you like what you see please go to indiegogo.com/raptureus and donate. No amount is too small. It takes less than five minutes to give online. If you can't give or have already contributed please share this link on Facebook or twitter. Share it with family or friends and anyone who wants to see a good story story come to life. Donating to the film will not only help us raise money to pay for food for the cast and crew, buy or rent lighting equipment to make the film look incredible, and design and utilize special effects for the zombie makeup and levitation scenes, but donating will also get you some great swag and gifts like a DVD copy of the film, a 10 Commandment Checklist Bookmark, a kickass t-shirt with the film's logo, a chance to have a character named after you as well as tickets to the private premiere screening for cast and crew.

2007 Productions is really excited to make this film and hope it will be the first of many. Thank you for your time and patronage.

Quinn Gasaway as Toby
Levi Agee as Mac

Written and Directed by Levi Agee
Edited by Levi Agee
Cinematography by Bryan Stafford
Makeup Design by Stacey "Stormy Marie" Newman
Produced by Timothy Wistrand, Terrell Case
Executive Produced by Collin Buchanan and Matthew Corey Gattin
Special Thanks to 360 Filmworks (360filmworks.com)

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