This is the second talk of Thay offered in the third week of the Summer Opening Retreat, on Sunday, July  22nd, 2012 in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village. Thay speaks in French; to hear the translation in English listen only to the right earphone/stereo channel.

00:00 Title Screen
02:00 Monastic Chant: Heart Sutra in French and English
18:00 Introduction/Guided Meditation
21:00 In Us There Is Freshness
22:00 Pebble Meditation
44:20 The deep connection (interbeing, 相即) between suffering and happiness
50:00 Non discrimination of left and right
53:40 The line of life meditation
01:00:00 There is no creation but there is manifestation
01:10:10 The story of Kaccayana: About right view (prajñā, 正見)
01:16:30 Sahabhu (俱有); saha = together, bhu = being; being together
01:19:15 The Four Noble Truth: Ill being, the production of ill being, cessation of ill being, the path leading to the cessation of ill being
01:27:40 The fifth mindfulness training about consumption
01:30:10 The Eight Noble Path
01:48:00 Karma (業): Tripple Karma - Thinking (意), Speech (口), Physical (身), Retribution (果報), there is twofold retribution: 1. Your own body and mind (正報), 2. The environment (依報)

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