Sunrise 1DX - 5D3 Test

Update: - Now post sharpened & secondary grading for comparison.

Sunrise test curtsey of Guy Thatcher,

We though it would be nice to test the dynamic range of the 1DX compared to the 5D3.
As with all unscientific tests, certain things may not match between each test clip. Although we tried our best in the short time we had, framing, focus, focal length may vary. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO, white balance & format remained constant.

As said before, It appears that the 1Dx has a very different strength or type of OLPF, you almost get a pixel shift double image a bit like refraction.

To my eye when looking at a scene that has very closely matched focus distance the 1DX appears sharper and holds that bit more detail.
As you see colour wise, there is not much in it. Both camera have had the same grad applied to each joint clip.
I think I prefer the 1DX.

Rolling shutter (not shown) is also reduced greatly compared to the 5D3.


Canon 5D Mark 3 - My modded 5D3, secondary OLPF removed. - Helps stills to resolve more detail, but less so on movies. I would class it 5% higher resolution over the stock 5D3 for movies.

Canon 1DX - Stock, Production.

Canon 24-105 f4 IS
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II
iframe on both cameras.

Based on 'Neutral'
0 sharpness
-2 Contrast
-2 Saturation

No additional sharpness added in post.
Edited native in Adobe Premiere CS6 and exported as H.264 at 25Mbps.

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