Just finished a really fun promo gig for a Documentary squad called Food Files. It goes without saying that they feature all things food related, but there's more to it than that. Their big focus is organic growers, and the process that entails local markets. There is a huge problem with the food that we all buy from mass producers at our Supermarkets and Grocery Stores; it's all so fake and artificial and we don't know where it really comes from, or how it's treated. There's no end and no telling as to what they put in it. Think about how the food manages to grow while it's being shipped? That can't be natural.

Anyways, there's lots more on that at foodfiles.ca, not to mention a huge bunch of info on a lot of other related topics, that people (including myself) don't know enough about.

I managed to catch them at very early stages of their existence, so it will be interesting to see how far AP and Food Files can go together.

For now, here is the little typo reel I did for them.


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