Welcome to Ghostskate New York
Our  mission is to use design, innovation, and technology to enhance the long- boarding community in New York City. Our vision is  to connect all longboarders with the innovative tools they need to safely explore the longboard life- style and enjoy Push Culture. If you work during the day, why not come out and play at night and ghostskate, in the greatest city in the world.  Here is a video of our first Annual Darknight Race.   

Lets Ghostskate 


Dejaune Jones 1st 19. 00
Anthony Mendez 2nd 19. 69
Leon Vincent 3rd 19. 82

Top 5 Fastest Times:

Dejaune Jones 18. 77
Leon Vincent 19. 15
Ian Cooke 19. 23
Lewis Figueroa 19. 28
Kiefer Dixon 19. 37
Anthony Mendez 19. 37

All Skaters:

Andrei Hippix 19. 47
Sasha Popper 19. 53
Adam Dabonka 19.88
John King 19.99
Forrest Wood 21. 16
Sherwin Ramjohn 22. 25
William Cooper 22. 69
Dimas Montalvo 21. 34
Timmy Sanchez DNF
David Ramirez DNF
Jason Quinn DNF


Monica Mejia 23. 02
Carolina Preciado 33. 00

Ghostskate Staff:

McDonald Predelus
Founder of Ghostskate and Creative Director

Boris Poletaev
Director of Videography

Stu Anderson
Event Coordinator

James Chou
Financial Officer/ Digital Project Manager

Erica Lee
Creative Manager / Office Manager

Jen Lau
Event Assistant

Maureen Daniel
Team Manager

Khaleeq Alfred

Team Supporters :

Uncle Funky’s
Obedlongboard bags
Rey Trucks

Special Thanks:

Jeff Gaites
Kristen Gaites
Solomon Lang
Steve Larosiliere
James Cooper

Video Production By:
Boris Poletaev

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