“In Bewegung” is the German version of “En Movimiento”, originally done in Spanish.
It is a video talking about immigration and emotions and based on an interview done to 20 person from different origins living in Barcelona, Spain. The video is set up in the metro of Barcelona which is use as a metaphor of displacement and its inner repercussion.

The questions and answers, varying from a word to a few sentences are appearing during the progress of the video, mixing up with images and graphical elements symbolising the underground and its network.

The idea behind that work is to know what people feel when they move to a different country and how is the evolution of their feeling.

The questions are the following:
For what reason did you leave your country?
What did you feel when you left?
What did you feel when you arrived in Barcelona?
What did you feel after 3 months?
What did you feel after 6 months?
What did you feel after a year?
What did you feel after 3 years?
What do you feel now when you think of country?

In Bewegung is a piece also made to be played as a live video performance and was presented at the Mostra Sonora i Visual 2010, Domingo al Niu 2010, Nomadas del Siglo XXI: en Escena, 2009, in Barcelona, in collaboration with Maninthattic (Disboot) whose music, an electronic dub, deep and captivating, reinforced the dimension of movement and melancholia.

vimeo.com/17091362 En Movimiento - Live @ Mostra Sonora i visual - 03.06.2010

This version is a live recording of the video for which I use modul8 (vj software) as real-time editior. The video is compose of 60 loops done in video, flash, after effects.
The soundtrack is made with Manintheattic tracks from his Aztarna ep and mixed with field recording of the underground.

Video: Laurie Bender
Music: Manintheattic (Disboot, Barcelona)
Field recording: Pedro Montesinos
Sound editing: Diarmuid Slattery

Special thanks to Maria Galvin to give me the idea to make that piece in German and huge thanks to Vero, Sara and Alex for the translations.

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