A little film about the contrast exhibited in Dubai's society. On the one hand the amazingly wealthy Emirati's, on the other hand the working class, consisting mainly of Indians, Pakistanis, ... This contrast somehow is also depicted geographically. Here, the Dubai mall with the Burj al Khalifa; there, the Dubai creek with the shopping place (souk) of the working class.

In a positive way, it seems more like a symbiosis than a contrast though. In any case, very interesting and fascinating.

Inspired by James Miller and how he applies the lens whacking (or free lensing) technique, I felt this to be the right way to exhibit this experience, which is more dreamlike than real.

I used my Canon FL 55mm f1.2 on the Lumix GH2, which stays wide open when not connected to the adaptor, hence it comes across soft and has the "glow", enhancing the dreamlike atmosphere in my point of view.

Music by Bon Iver, Michicant (available in iTunes).

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