time-lapse recording of people exploring the installation MULTIPLE voice/vision at the opening of the exhibition AWAKENING WOODS @ Neerpelt, Dommelhof, friday july 20 2012. AWAKENING WOODS is organised by MUSICA as a parallel event to the MANIFESTA BIENNIAL.
The installation MULTIPLE voice/vision offers a spatial experience of polyphonic music; Bach's Musikalisches Opfer & Brackx' Ricercari performed by Roel Dieltiens & Ensemble Explorations.

Music used in this time-lapse registration: an excerpt from 'Canon Perpetuus Super Thema Regium' (Bach, Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079, performed by Roel Dieltiens & Ensemble Explorations)

for more information on the project MULTIPLE voice/vision, see my research blog:

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