TONY & JANINA'S AMERICAN WEDDING, is a feature length documentary that gets to the heart of the broken U.S. immigration system, when after 19 years in America, a Chicago family is torn apart, as Janina Wasilewski is deported back to Poland. Set on the backdrop of the Chicago political scene and the comprehensive immigration reform movement, this film follows the Wasilewski family’s struggle to be reunited, as their Senator Barack Obama, rises to the Presidency. This film is the untold immigration story, that breaks out of the stereotypes and illuminates the catch-22 that every undocumented Immigrant in America faces today. By focusing on this family within the larger context, the film reaches into larger issues of Migration, Citizenship and Human Rights while removing the racially charged, negative stereotypes that have often become synonymous with immigration issues in the country.

This film will serve as tool to broaden the conversation in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Movement as an agent for change and to galvanize a nation polarized on this issue, in order to help create more humane laws for the 12 million undocumented living within our borders.

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