Estádio (english/portuguese)

Stadium, is a work following an action of a photographer during a 90 minute football game. Extracting it as a video installation, using the entire documented archive.

This match was held on the 23rd of may in 2012, at Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Corinthians(Sao Paulo) against Vasco da Gama(Rio de Janeiro). 1 x 0 Corinthians marked a goal at the very last minute of this game making another step to the Copa Libertadores.

We’ve asked a photographer specialized in capturing this kind of particular event, using his practice of registering in search of shooting a sequence of 10 frames per second.
The soundscape composes an immense space, which simultaneously, the audios had been captured in six different points within the stadium. Through this sound, it permits oneself to imagine being at the actual stadium. The image it self, shows a singular view point from the camera obturator. The experience of seeing through the regimen imposed by the photographic device.

A football stadium concentrates in a privilege operation from the vision.
Millions of people gather in structures to see the progress of the match from different distances and perspectives. The crowd passionately fixes its gaze and pursues the ball that activates the twenty two players in the field. The photographer, who constructs a sculptural performance of the players, seems to work inevitably on getting images of the fight for the ball. Which its most valuable place is to be in the net of the opponents goal.

In this documentary of this football match where the sound was captured, and more, the images of the photographer from his conditional actions of his routine experiences, we propose to construct a stressful relation from expectation. Because we use this mediation already established around this event so common in our culture, presenting it under a shock of two languages, the captured audio and the images produced by the photographer.

Therefore, when the moment the sound guides our perception, the image subtly appears in the chosen moments determined by the photographic system; who creates or deletes as well as selecting and denying. There are distances, empty space between the shown photographs. This type of difficult interval, unbridgeable, formed in the absence of images, that this way tends to avoid a passive expectation that could calm in preventing in the later images to be revealed. The flow of the audiovisual is broken from the incompatible rhythms that are heard and to be seen.

Among to feel, from the constructed sound from a packed football stadium, and the necessity of watching the game, the goal, establishes the tension this documentary proposes: a precise atmosphere of sound, mimetic, in contrast of the specific observation of the photographer who tried to potentialize the sensuous experience.

A predictable sound environment, different from the imagery flow that has intention to establish, through briefly summarized acts, instants capable to create histories. If generous and patient viewers continues to watch what is proposed here, they shall know in the very end there will be a commemorable goal, but only to be invisible.

CIA DE FOTO, Guab, Marcelo Pedroso

Esse filme têm imagens que só nos aparecem no momento em que lances do jogo foram fotografados. Na maioria do tempo, esse jogo é mostrado pelo som, captado em diversos pontos do estádio. Há imagens que só aparecem no momento em que foram "clicadas" pelo fotógrafo que fazia a cobertura esportiva.

Acompanhamos a ação do fotógrafo durante uma partida de futebol. Sobre o acervo de fotos ali gerado, extraímos esse documentário com duração em torno de 115 minutos, o tempo de jogo, a ser exibido no formato de vídeo-instalação. Esse jogo aconteceu no Estádio do Pacaembú, em São Paulo, no dia 23 de maio de 2012, na disputa entre Vasco da Gama e Corinthians pela ascensão na Libertadores. 1X0 Corinthians, gol marcado nos minutos que decidiam o final da partida.

Nesse documentário, propomos uma entrada nessa partida de futebol onde o som captado e, mais, as imagens do fotógrafo em sua ação condicionada na sua experiência rotineira, constroem uma relação estressada de expectação. Pois nos valemos da mediação já instituída em torno desse evento tão comum em nossa cultura, apresentando-o sob o choque de duas linguagens: o som do jogo e as imagens geradas pelo fotógrafo. O atrito entre essas duas dimensões – entre a fiel paisagem sonora e a série comedida de fotos - pretende desestabilizar o espectador acostumado; ora imantado pelo som, ora disperso pelas imagens.
CIA DE FOTO, Guab e Marcelo Pedroso.

*Trabalho realizado com fotos de Caio Guatelli.

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