The story of "Double Hunting" occurs in a finally existing forest which is surrounded by human industrial civilization. A hunter who has a deep-rooted urge to conquer ignores the suspended hunting area’s mark and thrust himself in the forest, however, those targeted preys have been taken away by a wolf preemptively.
After noticing that, the hunter becomes angry and utilizes a lamb as a bait to start chasing the wolf. Actually, he doesn’t realize that he is gradually entrapped into a snare of double hunting. With the lead of the wolf to launch a group counterattack, eventually, the hunter falls into his own trap.

We are the group of GEAR,it is consisted of 5 members(Seki Ko,Johnny Xu,Eva ko,Jichao Xie,Zhifeng Lin).
Seki Ko is the leader in the group.He is in charge of the management of the group,director ,storyboard making and aracter animation .
Johnny Xu is the art director,he is in charge of the Scene Setup,the chartlet of scene,the disposition of lights and Compositing.
Eva ko is in chage of Designing characters ,Designing props,the chartlet of characters and props,the Video Editing,animation Sound Design,the products of the animation.
Jichao Xie is in chage of the drama,3D modeling,uv, Rigging TD-Character,aracter animation.
Zhifeng Lin is in chage of the special effect making,3D effect, Designing props,Rigging TD-Character.
In addition, the original music is designed by Ayo Chen (

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