improvisation with responsive screen
Navid Navab (Sound) + Jerome Delepierre (Video) + Bruno Gagnon (Dance)
summer 2008

Interstitial is an interactive audio-visual performance/installation by Navid Navab and Jerome Delapierre. It is an improvisational performance piece for an interactive screen, a dancing body, and live audio/video processing.
By augmenting a stretchable projection surface with sensors and responsive technology, we map movement and vibration to audio-visual textures. Relative to physical and spatial qualities of the screen, meaningful and playable mappings were created from gestures and vibrations to sound and video. During performances we continuously transform the screen's responsive qualities by performing it's mapping-space. Upon touching the screen and interacting with it, players discover that they can charge their gestures with emotion and meaning, and use their interactions for improvised play.

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