Veerle Peeters plays the beginning of "Kannon's Pillow (nocturne)" composed by the belgian composer Luc De Winter.

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Shot on Canon 5D by cinematographer Tom Vantorre

More about the CD "Kannon's Pillow":

KANNON'S PILLOW is a seven-part suite for piano in which each part enjoys a particular place and function.

The music was inspired by a practice of several years of zazen (Zen meditation). In zazen, one sits motionless and still, both relaxed and alert, concentrating on the immediate sensations of body and breath. You neither follow nor reject your thoughts; you simply observe what surfaces from moment to moment. In this way, a totally open mind realizes itself, one which pursues nothing and rejects nothing, which remains completely aware, totally present to the living reality of the here and the now.

You can practice this continuous return to reality-as-it-is in all of your actions. This leads to an abiding sense of peace, a ground of caring for and engaging with the environment and with others. This compassion is symbolized in the Zen tradition by the figure of Kannon.

Although the Zen Buddhist tradition reached the West from China and Japan, the tradition itself is not bound to a particular place or culture. Kannon's Pillow has thus been written in the contemporary Western tradition. Obviously, it is not necessary to be a Zen or Buddhist practitioner to appreciate this music. I wish for all, from the bottom of my heart, a listening experience that is both awake and full of joy.

Kannon's Pillow (nocturne): Bearing the title of the entire cycle, the nocturne is the final and longest part, lasting twenty minutes. It integrates mosaic structures with long singing melodies and accompaniments which bring to mind Indian music. Entering its labyrinth of infinite arcs and arabesques, the listener loses all orientation and must fall back on direct experience. At the same time, the global form of this piece is totally organic and closed.

Dedicated to Veerle Peeters.

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