Dave Linnenbank brought us on board for his newest album/video effort, The Problem Is Last Year. He gave us no instructions. This vision of a modern relationship is the result.

The concept for this project was driven by the album title, The Problem Is Last Year; the song name, Trep; and the emotions swirling around our worlds at the time. Proud Pony International director Travis Johns conceptualized capturing three passes of each date within a single, long dolly shot. The passes would be captured at varying frame rates and layered in post to create a seamless, dreamy effect and indicate the passage of time. Travis also cut the piece, shaping the edit to highlight the tone and tempo of the music and the dynamics of the relationship as it begins, peaks, and reaches its natural conclusion. The design and pace of the images was tailored to enhance Dave’s music without overshadowing the songwriting itself. We hope you enjoy.

TREP is from Dave Linnenbank's new album, "The Problem Is Last Year". Learn more about Dave, this album, and the other videos in the series here:


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Web: weareproudpony.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Proud-Pony-International/152722088172875
Twitter: @ProudPony


Director / Editor: Travis Johns
Producer: Jarrod Gullett

Paul: Giddony Sanchez
Annie: Ivy Castle
Waitress: Leann Waddell

Assistant Director/Colorist: Tracy Jemison
Director of Photography: Raul Casares
Director of Photography: Richard Lacy
Camera Assistant: Michael Melendez
Key Grip: Kevin Parker
Lead Production Assistant: Jimena Martinez

Very special thanks to Raul Casares, Michael Melendez and MGM Jibs (mgmjibs.com/), Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar (barboheme.com/), Nadira Baker, Dennis Draper, Lynn Birdwell, Laurette Canizares, Wes Linnenbank, and especially MedRecovery Solutions (medrecoverysolutions.com/) and Barbara Dunn for their generous support. We could NOT have done it without you.

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