A video intended to be used for pre/post-roll promotion on YouTube and other Spanish online media sites as part of the 2012/13 promotional campaign for the Spanish telco "simyo"(its first in 3 years).
Targeted to a wide demographic audience of potential new customers. I was in charge of creating the whole of the ad from the ground up including the creative concept, storyboarding and creative direction, shooting, production, graphic and production design, postproduction: editing, compositing, keying, VFX and sound design.
The project took over 300 work-hours including the physical creation of almost every on-screen element to achieve an unusual but realistic and whimsical look using felt, cotton and other other additional elements that were scanned and photographed so they could be animated by computer.

Story, Director & Editor: Carlos Opitz
Client: simyo Spain (Orange España Virtual S.L.U)
Executive Producer: Carlos Opitz & Caroline Loftin
Director of Photography: Carlos Opitz
Producer: Carlos Opitz & Caroline Loftin
VFX, 2D Compositor & Colorist: Carlos Opitz

Voice Over: Javier Abengózar
Audio Mix: Carlos Opitz
Sound Designer: Carlos Opitz
Software Used: Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Newton Motion Boutique, Nuke.
Song: Kazoo Chorus by Andy Slatter

Ad Agency: OPITZ
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Opitz
Creative Director: Carlos Opitz
Copywriter: Carlos Opitz, Luis Larraz Iribas & Eduardo Campiña
Head of Client Production: Eduardo López del Hierro

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