This is a beta test of our UAV Recovery System designed to reduce damage to the airframe and primarily minimise any fatalities on the ground if it was to fall on somebody. This video shows an 8kg multi-rotor coming in at 7m/s which is a little too fast but it would not be fatal. We will have three system for three different weight categories:
A - 1-6kg AUM
B - 6-10kg AUW
C - 10-15kg AUM
The ideal speed for each of the three categories will be 3-4m/s at this speed there will be very little damage to the airframe or camera etc.
We have also developed an IMU deployment system to monitor the UAV in flight and if a fall is detected it will deploy the parachute. There are a number of failsafe systems built in to avoid accidental deployment on the ground or in the air.

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