This is the third talk of Thay from the third week of the Summer Opening Retreat, offered on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012, in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village, France. 

00:00 Title Screen
02:00 Monastic Chanting: From the Depths of Understanding, Tao Khe
19:00 Introduction
26:40 First Question: If you just moved to a new school, and you are finding it hard to make new friends, how do you make new friends?
32:47 Second Question: If there's no such thing as death, why is it wrong to kill?
38:50 Third Question: I suffer because of my father. I've given him many chances to change. Do I still have to try to change him, to try to go to him?
53:20 Fourth Question: Why did you become a monk?
01:16:21 The First question: My parents involved in war and very difficult to help them to transform how can I help them? The Second question: Why in buddhism till now there is still discrimination against women?
01:32:40 Is there a life after death?

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