Illustration by Masao Kubo
Animation by Tsuyoshi Araki
Narration by Issui Miyamoto
Produced by BUILDING

<Narration Script>

We use the collective term ‘graphic artists’ to describe those people involved in creating art forms such as illustration, graphic design, collage, photographs, films and the like.
BUILDING is a coordination agency that helps to link up outstanding graphic artists with clients who are full of curiosity and admiration for their work.
As well as having a fixed objective and a budget in mind, clients are usually seeking visuals that make a great match with the tone of their particular product. Finding them, however, isn’t always an easy task.
In comparison to other professionals, graphic artists tend to be very much dotted all across the world. They have their own particular aims, and their own senses of value, as well as their own unique ways of working.
So both the clients and the graphic artists believe they would be able to reach their goal if they could only find a partner to work with who shared their sense of value. It’s BUILDING’s task to make this a possibility.
Our rich experience and specialized knowledge in creating visuals that fit all kinds of aims makes us confident that we can help create the visuals that will be just right for you.
If it’s not only visuals you need but also other kinds of support, from project planning to product launch, we can help. With our team of varied staff, we’ll help you to unlock new possibilities for your business.
If it’s fresh, imaginative visuals you’re seeking, look no further.
BUILDING, gathering fine graphic artists

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