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Homemade song. Homemade stop-motion video.


I ride the G 'cross town everyday
Going to work, it's the only way
Finish my sudoku, read 50 Shades of Grey
Somebody said, "Hey dude why you reading that?"
On the G train, people always chat
You'll never talk, you'll never talk, you'll never talk on your way to work
But not me, I ride the G
People converse, because we all live in the same neighborhoods

Little kid, rides the G to school
All of his friends, call him a fool
But guess what kids?
He thinks your all jerks
That's where he does, all of his homework
He does his spelling, he does his science, he does his arithmetic
The same damn homework, that you jerk kids copy off of every single day
Most kids in the city, never finish 2nd grade
But not he, he rides the G
He's gonna go to college, and then run for President
He rides the G, he rides the G.

G train - G Train - G train, you're gonna wait so long.
(I'm waiting for ya G train)

Girl and boy, are late on a date
Each took the G, which means that they're soul mates
Some people, never find the right one
But not she, she takes the G

Even when it's sunny out
We take the G
Even for an important appointment
We take the G
Even meeting a guy on a craigslist
We take the G
Even with a full ice cream cone
We take the G

We take the G

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