First of 3 great fitness training videos from Bongaboard balance boards.
Available in the UK and EEC from from £56 with FREE UK delivery and many fantastic designs.

You can download a written pdf version of all three fitness routines here:!how/c3c1

With production rooted in environmentally friendly procedures and materials and hand made in the UK, we aim to aesthetically enrich your life with a custom, hand made, designer piece of eco art/craft that can become part of a daily routine for fitness and fun while significantly increasing your surfing, snowboarding and many other balance related sports.

Balance boards can be used by all ages to improve core strength, body development, muscle memory, rehabilitation, injury prevention and even occupational and speech therapy.

The increase in abdominal muscle activity when core exercises are performed on a balance board is 66%. The roller on the Bongaboard also makes an incredible myofacsisal release tool for an after work out wind down.

Bongaboards are also recommended by fitness trainers and physiotherapists for rehab after leg, ankle and knee injury.

Each board is unique, numbered, signed and dated and will have your name on the back, great for a gift idea. Visit the website to see the full range now... Available from starting from only £56.

Acknowledgement and thanks to Deadmau5 for 'So There I Was' used on the sound track available from iTunes and eMusic.

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