The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection celebrates fifth anniversary
Curators' Selection 003 Exhibition
《 TAKU OBATA B-BOY on Sky Court 》
3 August ー8 October 2012
Supported by G-SHOCK , Kobuchizawa Art Village

New York, the early 1980s: the golden age of rap music, breakdance and graffiti. Parties in the studios of Fab 5 Freddy and Futura, the Rock Steady Crew dancing to not music but the rhythm of hands clapping. Much of Keith Haring’s work was inspired by breakdance, and the energy of the street is prominent in his early works, such as the Subway Drawings drawn on unused advertisement billboards. Keith Haring’s interest in street culture is certainly passed onto and evolved by the young artists of today.

In this exhibition, a new work in wood by B-BOY sculptor Taku Obata, who carries the artistic gene of Keith Haring, will be on view for the first time. To Obata, “carving in wood is very Japanese”, the perfect technique for a Japanese B-BOY. Haring’s poster for a show in 1983 at the Fun Gallery, as well as for the Roxy NYC World Breakdance Championship in 1984 will also be on view.

This will be a collaboration between Keith Haring, who passed away at the age of 31 in 1990, and Taku Obata, who currently is 31 years old. We hope you enjoy this dialogue between the two young artists.

Born in Saitama,1980. Growing up with Bboying (breakdance) since he was 17. He expresses himself by making sculptures which dynamically show the movement of the human body. The relationship by wood carving without plinth between the human body and clothes, the sculpture of the b-boy has progressed, and the space that is born in the beginning is pursued.
The work with which the tension and power overflow is developing. In 2008 , he finished the Tokyo art university graduate school art research course ( master's course sculpture major.) He won the grand prize at Tokyo Wonder Wall in 2008. He did a one-man exhibition " IT'S JUST BEGUN " at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo.

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