RAW VERMONA sample library:

⁃ More than 1700 painstakingly handcut samples (about 200 different sounds x 7 round robin hits + more than 300 single one-shots), organized by type and descriptively labelled.

⁃ A minimum of 6 Round Robin samples of each sound for added realism -most hits have 7 or more Round Robin samples-.

⁃ 45 ready to use Machine kits.

⁃ 154 Kontakt patches including advanced features like variable ADSR and automatic Round Robin management.

⁃ 2 chromatic instruments: We have created two Kontakt TOM/Conga instruments that use real multisamples (at least six per semitone) for two complete octaves. This kind of quality is only found in acoustic instrument libraries of the highest caliber.

⁃ Instant gratification: Although the samples are not compressed, we feel they're SO good that they're actually ready to use as they are.

⁃ Everything was run through Great River (improved Neve 1073) and API 512 preamps, short cables and, last but not least mastering grade converters (Black Lion Audio, Mytek).

That's 1700 Sound Designer quality samples captured through a top of the line signal chain.

All of this for only ten dollars?
Yup, we're crazy!

The HelloSamples team.

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