This is part of my fiddling around with time lapse photography with a somewhat suboptimal setup. Taking a particularly...challenging (jumpy) sequence of images, I test if my cunning plan yields better results than Vegas' default still image sequencer - the cunning plan being that I import the pictures with a 3 frame play time, overlapping for 2 frames each, thus maybe making for a smoother ride.

Big thanks to Mike Kujbida over at the forums for his patience in sharing his knowledge.

See for yourself, but I doubt the hassle of this process is warranted, given that the results are not really any better, if not worse.

For the current status of the project, please check

Soundtrack: J. S. Bach, Pablo Casals / Suite 1a G-Dur, BWV1007 / Cello Suiten (1936-39)

As a side note, my extra cunning logo, "ho-hoo ho-hoo-hum Films", derives from a German comedian describing film student films being pretty much all the same - black and white, cup of coffee with a drip of milk swirling in it, half-smoked cigarette next to it, and Pablo Casals' interpretation of Bach's cello suites as soundtrack - you know, the one that goes "ho-hoo ho-hoo-hum..."

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