Join Epic TV Women’s Weekly Host Zoe Hart for Episode 12 where she interviews French alpinist and aspirant mountain guide, Marion Poitevin. Marion shares stories about breaking into a man’s world as the first ever female climber for the Group Militaire de Haute Montagne (GMHM). As well as her new role as the first female guide and teacher for the Ecole Militaire de Haute Montagne. And even a few highlights from some first ascent and ski descents on Baffin Island and in Pakistan’s Karakoram range.
09:53 French high mountain army: "One woman in our army is enough, thanks."

06:44 Corporal Marion Poitdevin, GMHM: "I'm not a soldier."

17:37 Girls who want to climb beyond their level do not exist.

23:00 Are French mountain guides the world's most dangerous?

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