I really enjoyed the Olympic torch relay the other day on my home turf, South London. It was great to see so much of the community, young and old, from different ethnic backgrounds and the youth enjoying themselves so much. How different it seemed to last year when we had the London riots and the police were wearing riot gear and nearly all out war between the youth and them. Whatever they say about the Olympics in London, one thing is for sure it can bring people together and make them feel there is a sense of belonging to something and that is surely a good thing in these very difficult economic times. Over 3 million people would have lined the streets of London in a week to see this sacred flame vimeo.com/46321705 :)

Who is this most graceful and magnificent torch bearer? He is Jeffrey Gordon, aged 78, has run in all 31 London Marathons and was the last of the torch bearers that day.


Handheld, no colour grading, 14-140mm stock lens used and captured from my GH2 at 720P, 50fps, no hack, captured on the 23rd July 2012 :)

Music by Ludovico Einuadi, Islands - Essential Einaudi, L'origine Nascosta

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