studiOrange and it's sister company Phosphene (who handles casting, stunts, etc) worked together to have a bit of fun in the Star Wars Universe

Shot in one Saturday Morning. Edited and FX added. Up Monday Night.

Shot on:
Canon 5DmkII
Canon 60D

Equipment Used: Jib, Camera Slider, Crash Pads, Zoom H4n, Shotgun Microphone with boom.

Jared Aldridge as the Jedi
Micah Ziessler as the Sith Lord

Directed by Aaron Albright
Second Camera by Mike Steck

Effects in Adobe AE by Aaron Albright

Audio by Mike Cappella and Pedro Tome

Grips - Mike Cappella and Pedro Tome

Choreography by Micah Ziessler

Music-Royalty Free

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