Promotional for upcoming feature screenplay - "Maldon"

In 991 A.D, the Vikings, led by King Olaf Trygvason, launch a coastal invasion of Anglo-Saxon England. Their next target is the town of Maldon, which is protected by Lord Byrhtnoth, an old enemy of the raiding Northmen. The story centers around Byrhtnoth’s most loyal retainer, Godric. When the Vikings finally attack, Byrhtnoth makes a critical tactical error based on pride and hubris, leading to his death and Maldon’s occupation. Rather than fulfill his vow and die next to his liege lord, Godric flees in the heat of battle so he can survive and claim vengeance. Looked down upon by his fellow warriors and the local chieftains, Godric wanders the land an outcast and a marked coward. The only way for him to honor his broken oath is to stay true to a new vow - Kill King Olaf Tryggvason.

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