“untitled animation” was inspired by the artwork of the film structuralists’ Peter Gidal, Malcolm Le Grice, and George Landow. Their work often attempted to depict the materiality of film through the warping of colors, skewing of film frames, with the scratching of film, or by leaving dust spots on the reel. Their work is fascinating in its attempt to convey an abstract notion - that film is a solid entity that is often disregarded when it is projected - in a direct way. Building upon their fundamental attempts at depicting film itself, "untitled animation" is a work that both clarifies and complicates their ideas. Through the use of animation "untitled animation" defamiliarizes the viewer with the traditional structuralist work, replacing the expected with an impostor. The viewer believes they are observing scratches and dust spots on a blank film reel when, in actuality, they are only watching an animation of this (usually) accidental effect. This simulated materiality serves to highlight the fallacy of human perception and assumption.

Additionally, considering the work as a cartoon, it becomes unique in it’s ability to act as an abstraction - pushing the boundaries of animation, observing the work as a sequence of arbitrary lines - and a figurative piece - as it literally depicts scratches on film.

traditional animation
3 second loop, december 2010-april 2011

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