No politics, religion, or beliefs. Just a baby, in the womb, singing to his mom. We hope you enjoy the song video, perform, and share it. -John and Eileen Lopker (Los Angeles) YouTube:

Your Little Boy - Lyrics and Chords:
Mommy, can you hear me? D
I’m your little boy G A7
Delivered from eternity D
into your ocean of joy Em A7 D
Mommy, I’m your little boy Em A D

I am not a mistake
I’m just a little guy
Waiting for my first break
My first breath, and my first cry
Mommy, I’m your little boy

Now that you and I are one
Our courage must be found
When they tell us to run
We have to stand our ground

Mommy, if you can’t keep me Em
give me to parents who can G A7
It’s OK to set me free D
I’ll always be your little man Em A7 D

Thank you Mommy for letting me be
And giving me a voice
Thank you Mommy for loving me
And making me your choice
Mommy, I’m your little boy
Mommy, I’m your little boy

Copyright 2012 John & Eileen Lopker. All Rights Reserved.


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