With deep respect for his grandfather, a landscape painter, and his interest in skateboarding, Koji developed his Original
Technique drawing style to paint skate spots as a new approach to street art.
Koji's Original Technique utilizes sepia ink pen, black ink pen, crayon ink and a paper dyed with coffee. His artwork expresses a nostalgic feeling.
On his painting he also write some words to make the art work more realistic or paste some garbage which he found on the street while painting.

At first glance his art work looks like a simple landscape painting. However, for a skater it is not only a landscape. It is also a memorable skate spot with lots of stories and experiences. An ordinary staircase becomes heaven to skaters. His style also offers several perspectives when you look at the spot rather than only one.

Koji's mission is to paint skate spots and help keep them alive in the minds of skateboarders.
Filmed and edited by Ando for FTCSF.

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