PRESENTED BY: John Moore, Marketingologist at Brand Autopsy
RECORDED AT:'s Crash Course conference in Austin, TX on May 10, 2012
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Below is live coverage from the presentation:

-- John Moore gets his marketing background from Starbucks and Wholefoods.

-- It's important not to create "buzz" which is short term for your brand, but to create long lasting conversation through "talkable" marketing.

-- People talk because they have something interesting to talk about. People listen because they trust the brand.

-- Marketing can drive sales if it's "talkable."

-- You can make any brand "talkable" by being unique.

-- Your idea should also be interesting to make lasting "talkable" marketing.

-- Brands today should learn to become more polarizing.

-- Your goal is to have enough customers to make your business viable. You should be willing to lose a customer. Some people will love you, some people will hate you.

-- Talkable Stories

- Improve a Life: Create a product or service that helps someone.
- Right a Wrong: Provide a product or service that improves and makes a person's experience better.
- Make Good Better: Take a product of service that is good and make it better.

-- You want your business to be lasting, so you need to create "talkable" long lasting conversations.

Q & A

Q: How can an education institute use WOM?

A: Tell people how your institute has changed people's lifes.

Q: What are some consumer brands that are doing WOM right?

A: Which Wich has found a way to "Right a Wrong." They looked at the way Subway was making sandwiches and found a way to improve all customer touch-points.

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