My sister Jennifer Brinkerhoff and her classmate Bridget Seeley are doctoral students at Arizona State University. They are both studying Life-span development and psychology. This semester they are enrolled in a class titled "Social Policy and Advocacy". Throughout the semester, the class has talked about the Arizona state budget, but the conversations have not always had a balanced perspective.

So, for their final class presentation, Jennifer and Bridget sought out some of the key decision makers in the state government for on-camera interviews to give equal time to the conservative perspective on why Arizona is in a budget crisis and how they hope to go about solving it. They tried to take some of the questions that had come up in class and have the state representatives address them for themselves.

I helped them put together the presentation. Shot with a Canon XL2 recorded with the Firestore FS4, and edited on my macbook with Premiere Pro.

I made slight changes to the lower third titles.

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