Cafe Baghdad - place for creative waiting | 72 hour urban action | Stuttgart 2012

Dirty Dozen Team | Consuelo Nunez Ciuffa (Italy) ,Designest (Michael Faber, Oded Lahav | Israel), Knockoutdesign (Dorota Kabala, Magda Juszczak, Maya Ober | Israel and Poland), Matylda Krzykowski (the Netherlands), Bence Pasztor (Hungary), Mark Phillips (Germany), Hilla Shamia (Israel), We are visual (Marc Einsiedel , Felix Jung | Germany)

During 72 hour Urban Action in Stuttgart ( our Dirty Dozen team got mission to design a creative waiting space within a bus stop, with budget of 1900 EUR and only 72 hours of design and execution. Accoustics created by the echo under the bridge's arc was starting point for the concept. We decided to design an object that will inspire, and complement the beauty and acoustic quality of the exisiting space.

Cafe Baghdad is a bench that slides across the seam between the bridge and the sidewalk. As it moves, it releases a series of surprising sounds, which trigger interactions between the people in the waiting area, as well as with passing pedestrians and passengers on arriving buses. It invites everyone to explore the sounds created by the architecture of the bridge and become inspired.
The default position of the bench is half-way under the bridge, and half exposed to the open sky. As one moves the bench, the built-in tubes create sounds which are amplified and altered by the echo under the bridge. The bench can be moved in two directions: towards the bridge or towards the outside. An inner mechanism limits the movement of the bench, so that there's always at least one seat left on either side.

Our aim was to create a specific intervention in the space that would emphasize the natural potential of the space under the bridge, complementing the arc rather then competing with it. The bench serves as a timeout for the people waiting for the bus - not only a seating area, but a musicial instrument. It aims to inspire people, and to make them smile.

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