As part the research for our new movie WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT, writer/director Pat Holden and I were privileged to be invited to interview Lisa Manning and her children, Ellie and Jaydon in their new Council House in Coventry.

Nothing you see here has been embellished or faked in any way (the interview has been cut down to 10mins that's all), there is no script and Lisa and her children are not actors. This is nothing but the truth in their words of the extraordinary events that this ordinary family experienced. The sad thing is that the events described were so terrifying and disruptive that the family have subsequently had no choice but to move out of their dream home into a small rented flat.

Finally, the similarities between the Coventry Poltergeist and the Pontefract Poltergeist WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT is based on are beyond unbelievable. In fact, save for the 70's setting in WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT, they are the same event.

WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT is at a cinema near you from Sept 16th.

Bil Bungay

Out this autumn

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