(Free Speech)

Freedom of Speech can also be defined as freedom of expression. As artists, this is something we should all be vigilant about. Even in situations where sometimes we do not agree with the message of others, we must always abide by the motto "don't kill the messenger" or "censor the messenger" as it is, with us, as artists.

David Dees is already a legend in the alternative press. His powerful pieces have rattled the corporate media's agenda and encouraged thought and investigation. To many his commentary is precise and important. And though to some, his executions can be powerful, shocking and even frightening, every piece of Dees art also conveys thought provoking insight, challenges preconceived notions and offers humour. Most importantly, it asks of us, as individuals, to do our own research and investigation.

David Dees is a talented, fearless artist, and for those that aren't familiar with his work, hopefully this video will give you the chance to explore it.

Free download of song available contact artist.mafia@gmail.com

David Dees



Maman photos




Didier Descouens commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Archaeodontosaurus




Free download of song available contact artist.mafia@gmail.com

song "So It Goes" bobrylett.com

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