Mark Whitwell is arguably New Zealand's most famous born and bred yoga teacher, and author of Yoga of The Heart. His second book, The Promise of Love, Sex and Intimacy, has just been released. He is interviewed here by Kara-Leah Grant of The Yoga Lunchbox.

In this conversation Mark and Kara-Leah discuss:

- Why Mark went to India in the 1970s to look for 'the truth'
- Is yoga a commercial activity?
- Why yoga is not "an irksome spiritual duty," that you have to get done
- How just seven minutes of yoga a day can change your life
- The breath
- Why intimacy has been taken away from us by religious idealism
- Religion, yoga, and sex
- Mark's latest book, and his hopes for it's impact
- The concept of non-duality
- The best sentence in the book
- Obsession
- When Mark will next be in New Zealand

Find out more about Mark & his books here:

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