Absences is a series of electronic interventions in natural environments. Autonomous electronic devices are deployed within various ecosystems in the manner of ephemeral experiments. They interact with the surrounding elements through different relational strategies. Taking shape at the frontier of electronic art and environmental art, it proposes a meditation on solitude and association, natural and artificial, interaction and contemplation.

The Third Absence was installed in a marsh in Spring 2010 during the frogs mating season. It consists in a circle of nine sound-emitting agents that interact with their sound environment. Powered by solar energy, they each got a microphone, a speaker and an electronic circuit that includes a microcontroller and a memory chip. When one of them hears a sound that it considers interesting, it records it and then plays it back on its speaker. Each speaker is located in the next box, connected with an audio wire. Since the speaker is very close to the microphone, the next agent will thus likely also record it, play it back, and so on. The sounds thus travel in a loop, deteriorating gradually. Environmental factors intervene through time, breaking links and devices, thus interrupting the fragile communication channel.

More info: sofianaudry.com/en/works/absences
Project website: absences.sofianaudry.com

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