When photographing the panels of Lisa Solberg's solo exhibition STALKER. I noticed the cars passing on the street, people walking by, and the changing of the light on the reflective surface. We decided to shoot this time lapse on the day of the closing night party, arriving at 4:30 AM and leaving the cameras until after the sun went down. The images look almost exactly as they did in camera and for real. There's almost no color correction, except balancing the cameras. Even the noticeable vignette is the actual light in the room.

The song is "You Don't Know Me" by U-tern. Check him out he's dope: soundcloud.com/u-tern/

Shot on a t2i and a 5dmkII. Here's more about Lisa and STALKER:
Lisa uses reflective insulation panels and cutting techniques to create a world of poetic, bold and
thoughtful imagery focused on the sublime. The combining of ink and paint to the finished surfaces
compliments the inherent dynamics of the material. The work is intimate and echoes the bold and
provocative sentiments of public spaces. Lisa Solberg has presented an aesthetic both primitive,
subjective and haunting, her uninhibited display of passion and talent with both the imagery and
materials have displayed a unique world and quality of otherness. The panels on view mimic pieces of a large puzzle to complete the STALKER environment and thought, exposing Solberg’s personal
expressions, desires and intimacies.Between each panel of silver grey metallic, lies a fearless gesture of emotion that captures and dissolves into discovery. Without imposing a single word the space creates a sense of wonder and essence sincerely communicated. The images transcend themselves flowing and demonstrating a form of expression rarely conveyed in contemporary work.
‘During the Romantic period the exploration of reason and madness was closely linked to the Sublime,a concept which mingled pain, pleasure and terror and ultimately transformed horror, ugliness and madness into something majestic.’ ‘This grand installation was approached as a submission to darkness in order to find the true light, a light that is meant to expose itself upon completion and unveiling.’

Lisa Solberg, born 1983 in Chicago, is an expressionist artist currently living in Los Angeles. She
graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from UC Boulder in 2005. Lisa is known for pushing comfort
levels within her dreamlike large scaled oil paintings. She debuts a brand new installation, STALKER, of an entirely different caliber, bringing acute attention to her drawing as a compliment to her brush strokes.

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